City International Christian Church

pastor-ralph-and-wilma-legge-2CICC Global Ltd is a transnational mission and equipping body, geared for outreach in the 21st century.

Operating in an increasing number of nations, CICC Global is geared to reaching those not yet reached with the Gospel of the Kingdom.

What we do

Ralph & Wilma Legge work to mentor and train pastors who are planting churches across the globe. Presently, CICC Global churches have outreaches to Mozambique, Malawi, Zambia, Tanzania, South Africa, and the Philippines.

What We Want

We encourage you to connect to something greater than yourself through this dynamic ministry in Africa and beyond. 300 people giving at least $10.00 per week will support Ralph & Wilma Legge and CICC Global Ltd in this vital work. CICC Global is operating in some of the poorest areas of the world. We need your help.

The Benefit for Us

With your ongoing support, we can:

  • mentor and train pastors
  • provide a means of reaching remote places
  • impact the lives of millions through evangelism and church planting

The Benefit for You

  • connect to something greater than yourself
  • give to an Apostle and receive an Apostle’s reward
  • share in the anointing of this spontaneous and dynamic ministry
  • be kept up to date with a quarterly newsletter