Ministries in Africa


Our church’s representative in Tanzania is Bishop Fred Simon. Bishop Fred is a church planter and overseer of a number of churches. We are pleased to have a part in this wonderful ministry. Our pastors have travelled there often to conduct evangelistic meetings and training seminars for local pastors.

One of our members, Andy Mzurikwao, arrived in Australia as a refugee from Tanzania. In the years since he has qualified as a Geologist through Flinders University. Andy travels back regularly to the country of his birth. As a Geologist in co-operation with local authorities he has set up very successful programmes enabling local people to extract drinkable water from the Aquifers deep under Tanzania. This is life transforming. The village Andy has been working in has 50,000 inhabitants who never before have had access to potable water. Praise God for Andy and his wife Claudine who supports him.


Ps Elias and his wife Agnes have been with us for many years. Elias travels to Malawi for months at a time. He is planting churches and seeing many come to Christ.

In the last 12 months 3 new churches were established including several new buildings.

He has saved many out of the poverty trap. He has educated the locals in effective farming techniques and micro-businesses, as well as caring for widows and orphans. Praise God for Elias and for Agnes who supports him.