Some would think so. They point at the number of shocks that have hit our world of late. The locust plague that is in East Africa is the worst one to hit that area for 25 years. Now it is spreading to parts of the Middle East as well. Add to that the rise in the number of volcanic incidents, the fire, the floods and the earthquakes, and some people think we are drawing close to the end of days.
Then there is the Coronavirus. There is no doubt that COVID-19 is a terrible disease. It is true that about 80% get it only mildly – with very mild symptoms or none at all. But we must not forget that as of the date of this writing, 177,000 people worldwide have contracted the virus with more than 7000 dying from it. As of today, some 450 have it in Australia with very grim predictions that the numbers will skyrocket. There is every chance that as you read this the numbers are higher, much higher.
But is this the viral plague the Bible talks about at the end time? Revelation 6:8 speaks of a pale horse with its grim rider named “Death” and following on from him another grim figure named “Hades” or the “Grave.” It IS a grim picture, and these two associated with the pale horse use war, famine, wild beast and plague to kill one quarter of the earth’s population. The plague mentioned probably IS a viral plague – hence the connection that some have made with COVID-19.
But this plague spoken of in Revelation 6 is part of a massive display of God’s sovereignty and power that precedes the end of days (Rev 6:17), such like has never been seen before. We cannot imagine the extent of the breakdown of society and law and order and human well-being that the writer of Revelation saw would happen before the Lord’s return.
Whatever else it may be COVID-19 is not that, not yet anyhow.
However, this plague, the Coronavirus plague, reminds us of a lesson that must be learned.
You see, Revelation 6 shows us ultimately that God is still in control. The horsemen can ride only at His bidding. One day it will be the end. But only when the great Sovereign Lord wills it so.
He is in charge of COVID-19 as well. If he can command the Apocalyptic viral plague he can command the lesser viral plague of COVID-19.
COVID-19 may not be the end times plague that some believe it to be, but its presence reminds us that He is still in sovereign control. That both humbles us and reassures us.
Love to all
Pastor Ralph