CICC Statement on COVID-19

It doesn't matter who you are
or where you came from,

God loves you!

The Bible says God loved the world so much … (John 3:16).
You are part of the world and He loves you!

Learn more about the REALLY GOOD NEWS, and about repentance,
forgiveness, and faith.

The Team

Our pastoral + leadership team

Ralph Legge
Ps. Ralph
Ps. Wilma
Ps. Chris
Ps Elias
Ps. Elias
Ps. Victor


And Now For Some Really Good News...

God Loves You!

It doesn’t matter who you are or where you are from, GOD LOVES YOU. The Bible says God loved the world so much … (John 3:16). You are part of the world and He loves you!

All Of Us Have Sinned!

That is equally true! Yes! Everyone of us has sinned. That sin cuts us off from God and, if it is not dealt with, it will eventually cut us off from Him forever. That’s what Hell is!

Jesus Died For People Just Like You!

This is great news. He died on the cross to take our sin. He died to take our shame, our guilt and even our sicknesses.

Repentance And Faith (Trust)!

Yes! It’s true you have to repent and trust in Jesus. But guess what. God gives you both repentance and faith as gifts. WONDERFUL GIFTS!!

Total Forgiveness Is Offered To You As A Free Gift From God!

How would you like God to say about you “Your sins and law breaking I will remember no more” (See Hebrews 9:17)? Wouldn’t that be fantastic. All of your sin, past, present and future, gone forever from God’s memory.

If you want to become a Christian contact us via this site, and make an appointment to see a Pastor.  We will then contact you.

Ralph Legge

Ps. Ralph

Pastor Ralph Legge, with his wife Wilma, has been Senior Pastor of City International Christian Church for over 16 years. Ps Ralph is a graduate of Trinity International University in Chicago, holding a BA in Biblical Studies and a MA in New Testament Studies. A gifted speaker, Ps Ralph has ministered in conferences and church services in Australia and across the world. As well as in his native Australia he has spoken extensively in South Africa, Tanzania, Cote d’ Ivoire and the US.

Ps. Wilma

Ps. Wilma Legge has ministered as co-Senior Pastor at City International Christian Church for 16 years.
A trained teacher she completed her post graduate work at Trinity International University in the US, graduating with a MA in Christian Education. Ps Wilma is a gifted speaker with a real prophetic edge. She has ministered internationally as well as in Australia. Originally from South Africa, Wilma is now an Australian citizen who has a real heart for those who need Christ from all nations. She is gifted musically and is the overall director of City International Gospel Choir and the Worship Team, as well as overseeing the Christian Education
program of the church.

Ps. Chris

Ps. Chris Mills is Associate Pastor of City International Christian Church and has been so for over 5 years. A graduate of Tabor College, Chris holds a Bachelor of Ministry degree. He has a rich grasp of Biblical truth as evidenced in his preaching ministry at CICC. Chris is a gifted musician and has released a number of albums all containing songs which he himself has composed. He has a desire to see excellence in worship and is committed to that ideal. Chris is married to Estella, another one of CICC’s leaders, who has her own ministry within Sisters Connect, music and worship, and among the children of K-Force
on a Sunday morning.

Ps Elias

Ps. Elias

Ps Elias Ntuyahayo, with his wife Agnes, are originally from Burundi but have come to us as refugees from Malawi. Elias is Assistant Pastor (Multicultural) at City International Christian Church. Blessed with a gift for planting churches, Elias has travelled back to Malawi, establishing 4 churches there and one more in Tanzania. He has also led the construction of all 5 church buildings in those countries. Elias travels to Malawi on average for six months of every year. He also ministers within the Burundian community in Adelaide and speaks many different languages. He is an ideal multicultural minister.