One of our highest priorities is the pastoral care of each other. 

In the light of the latest restrictions announced by the PM it is unwise for us to continue “normal” pastoral care.  So, we looked for a way that we as pastors could continue to connect with, continue to support, and continue to pray with the people in our church whom we love so much.

We are finding that ZOOM provides that way.  Many different professions are using ZOOM to connect, and we are now using it in our church  I made one ZOOM pastoral care visit today, and conducted one official meeting where all the participants were 30 kms apart, and yet all were relating to each other face to face.  This technology is a real gift to God’s church.

To be part of it the ZOOM App needs to be downloaded on to your smart phone.  Once you have that, then your pastor can call you and visit with your family through the phone – all the time face to face.   Or the church can use Zoom iConnect Groups to run virtual group meetings face to face.  If every member of the group has downloaded the Ap then the leader of that group can lead that study, sharing time, and prayer all without physically being present in the same room.  What a blessing in this time of “social distancing.”

This virus cannot stop us from loving each other and caring for each other. Take the step. Please download the App and ZOOM into Pastoral Care.

Love in Jesus

Pastor Ralph